Liz Garton Scanlon (liz_scanlon) wrote,
Liz Garton Scanlon

Poetry Friday -- Hope and the Peace Prize

The thing I find most remarkable about this morning's announcement of the Nobel Peace Prize going to President Obama is that the committee recognized him not so much for what he's already done but, rather, for demonstrating a deep sense of committment to peace and restoring a deep sense of hope in the hearts of  people around the world.

They're saying that offering people hope is an heroic act, and I think that's pretty rad. We tend to be a concrete and literal people, so to step out this way, to recognize the value of empowered and inspired possibility, is quite a leap.  And not that far from our mission as children's writers, don't you think? 

Anyway, here's the poem all this brought to mind this morning...

Of History and Hope

by Miller Williams

We have memorized America,
how it was born and who we have been and where.
In ceremonies and silence we say the words,
telling the stories, singing the old songs.
We like the places they take us. Mostly we do.
The great and all the anonymous dead are there.
We know the sound of all the sounds we brought.
The rich taste of it is on our tongues.
But where are we going to be, and why, and who?
The disenfranchised dead want to know.
We mean to be the people we meant to be,
to keep on going where we meant to go.

(Read the rest here...)

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