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National Poetry Month -- Haiku 22
ATW jacket

Hello and happy Earth Day!

Did you know that the first Earth Day was in 1970? 
Which makes sense to me.
There was a whole lot of awakening going on then.
I grew up during the first Do Not Litter campaigns and participating in Walk for Water protests, not to mention the women's movement and the space program.

It seems like we could've gotten more right by now, y'know?
I mean, I don't want to dwell on my own age, but 1970 was a good, long while ago.

Still, here we are.
It's Earth Day again.

My daughter went off to school today in her hand-sewn Asian wrap pants made of recycled sheets and we ate supper on the grass in the park tonight. We have a river running smack through the middle of our town that is healthier than it used to be, and all of the electricity in our home is supplied by wind. As far as I know, the oceans are still full up with water and the Alps and the Rockies are still standing.

All is not lost.
All is not right, but all is not lost.

There is a lot we can do -- from reusing and recycling goods, to cutting back on our own fossil fuel emissions, to lobbying our government to do right by Mama Earth.

But also? We can pay attention.

Haiku(s) 23

what threatened species?
the cockroach population
is alive and well

oh, long white radish
who knew what was underground?
spice, substance, surprise

each small bird looms large
shadows on the warm brick wall;
it's all relative

open the windows --
nevermind the fighting cats
nevermind the moon

-- LIz Garton Scanlon

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Tanita Says :)

Each of these is special to me for a different reason -- I think that the radish and the windows come out as favorites (of the moment). I hope that you're ...thinking of what you're going to do with all of these when April is over.

Y'know, I haven't.
They feel really temporal to me.
But the truth is, I think I might keep going.
I really, really, really (times ten) like writing these!

I love all of these as well.

The radish is my favorite but then I'm a big radish lover.

Cockroach made me go "eeek" which I suppose is a good thing. :)

Ugh. Me, too.
Dang cockroaches.
The beauty of living in an old house...

Not that there was a single thing wrong with the haiku from earlier in the month, but your daily practice is leading to a shift in it that is quite impressive!

Wow. Thanks, Kelly.
You're good to me...
I have not seen an evolution but it's hard to when you're in it.
Are you still writing them daily????
If you are, send me more!

I've written a few more, but not everyday. Will try to send some over the weekend. (They're on the laptop, which is now packed in my car.)

Have fun on your journey!!!

"spice, substance, surprise" To me, that sums up haiku. Or a radish. Or anything worth working at.

Right-o. Exactly.
Oh, man. I LOVE a good radish...

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