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National Poetry Month -- Haiku 21
head shot

Just yesterday I was going on and on to everyone I know about our stellar spring.
About getting a good hit of vitamin D by day and slipping into jeans at night.
About the once-a-week rain.
About the frequent temps-in-the-70s.
About how this is the whole point of living in Austin, Texas.


Today it was like 94, my friends.

Haiku 21

relentless sunshine
already white-hot by noon;
clever coon's asleep

-- Liz Garton Scanlon

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Tanita Says :)

I heard it was 93 in San Francisco on Sunday. I was scared.
I'm with the raccoon. That's staying INSIDE weather, at least between 10-3.

Yes. Right. Ditto.

(Deleted comment)
The summers are HOT but not wildly humid, as compared to say Houston or New Orleans where you actually have to wring out the air before you breathe it...

Send the heat to Chicago. Miserable and 40s still. 94 sounds wonderful as I sit here with a blanket wrapped around my feet and the heat on in the house. (Of course, once 94 gets here I'll want to send it right back.)

You guys have had a heckuva winter up there!! My family's in Wisconsin and they're coming down here to warm up. But then, we flee north in July. So. Go figure.

94? Wowza!

It's going to the mid-80s here this weekend, although I'll be in New England, so I don't expect to experience that sort of temperature.

Mid 80s. Warm enough.
94. Unacceptable.

LOL mid 80s warm enough 94 unacceptable.

I am such a hot air wimp and I am very grateful for the AC. I'd jump out a window without it.

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