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National Poetry Month -- Haiku 19



Haiku(s) 19

snake, with your hinged jaw
so much effort for a meal;
hard day for a frog

a grassy battle --
frog loses to snake and yet
his throat still pulses

this is not over --
a long season lies ahead,
the sun starts to sink

-- Liz Garton Scanlon

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Tanita Says :)

I swear, there's a whole epic poem in this one scene! I'd say it's "lovely" but that's ...wildly inaccurate, with the way a snake eats. I'd say the word du jour here is intense. I like that though the battle is over, no one can yet tell the outcome of the war.

Yes, not exactly lovely but so visceral. I could not resist watching like the paparazzi....

Oh! I once saw a snake eat a frog on our neighbor's driveway, and wrote a short story about it. It was interesting as everyone gathered round to watch this strange spectacle of nature. The kids thought the snake was cool, but my neighbor felt sorry for the frog, and bopped the snake over the head with a toilet plunger.

Love "his throat still pulses." True!

Wow...I Love love love that first one!

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