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National Poetry Month -- Haiku 4

Haiku 4

Turning forty-two --
new leaves gleam against the sky,
broad branches hold it

-- Liz Garton Scanlon

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Love that, Liz . . .

I read it as a metaphor for your being a mother, and motherhood, btw, whether it's what you intended or no.

Happy birthday. Again.

i'm new to reading your LJ. I don't live in the US (I live in canada) but I am enjoying all the poetry being generated by national poetry month. I particularly like haiku and look forward to reading the ones your write for the rest of the month.

Remember that time you were born and I came to Minneapolis to see the wee one? That was cool...
Happy Birthday, DeDe!

This is lovely on several levels, a birthday wish for the new year, the hope, the potential of a new year, the strong foundation you have in your life to allow you to be the person you are.

Thank you for sharing.

Tanita Says :)

May sturdy broad branches support you through breeze and blow; may even the fiercest gale seem simply to you as a lullaby.

Yes exactly!!! Rock on poetry sister.

Thank you all kindly...
Your wishes mean a lot...


Elaine M.


I'm enjoying the daily haiku here at your blog. It's difficult keeping up with all the wonderful National Poetry Month posts in the kidlitosphere.

annette simon says

Happy Birthday, you whippersnapper. Hope it was wonderful. (Love the haiku.)

I'm loving your haiku! Lovely way to bring in your new year and all the possibilities. Happy Birthday!

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