Liz Garton Scanlon (liz_scanlon) wrote,
Liz Garton Scanlon

School Visit Snippet

Yesterday morning I packed my bags and my bronchial wheeze and headed off on a school visit.
I was sort of dreading it.
I'd been sick for more than a week, my voice was weak and sore, and I was just plain knackered.

But by noon I'd been infused with funny, curious, wide-eyed kid energy and darned if I wasn't feeling a bit better.

Here's my favorite line of the day:

We had your book at our house, but we sold it.

I said I understood. That being a 2nd grader, she probably needed more room on her shelves for chapter books.
I laughed.
The teachers, however, looked stricken.

Here are my favorite pocket metaphors of the day:

A hive is a pocket for a bee.
A nose is a pocket for mucus.
A book is a pocket for pages.

The teachers looked stricken again over the mucus.
But then a child sneezed, as if to assert the truth of it.

And with my own viral scourge, who was I to argue?

Plus, isn't it refreshing sometimes to be with folk who just say it like it is?


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