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From all accounts I've read, it sounds like one heck of a weekend. You all have an amazing writing community! I hope we are able to build one just as strong in our area someday.

We are blessed and lucky, to be sure. You can build it, though, anywhere!

You know you don't actually have to come down. Ever. Floatin' is good for the perspective. Well, that AND you've got a triathlon in a few days that it'd probably be pretty nice if you kept some of the floatin' in your back pocket as a reserve. :)

Floatin' IS good for the perspective. Not so good for following directions or making sure you've got food in the cupboard. But very good for perspective....

So far both you & Jo W. have made me feel a little weepy about it today! ;-) You reminded me how funny it was, too. I laughed so much.

This is my real life.
This is my real community.
These are real people who are real good with real words and generous hearts and I've got them in my real life

You phrase everything so well, and I loved the weekend, too :)

You have a way with words yourself, Ms. Hoover :)

Awesome. Sounds like just what you needed in the middle of summer -- or, uh, beginning of summer. I was surprised to learn it officially began about one or two weeks ago. And here I thought it was almost over. :)
Jules, 7-Imp

I know. I get that "it's almost over" feeling before the solstice hits sometimes....

Liz! So happy to hear you are still floating... Especially since you are so good at lifting us up!
I, too, am still giddy and recharged. But I'm going to miss hanging out with you all. The tears definitely flowed on the ride home.

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Yes. Homesick for everyone....

What would we ever do without your wisdom and great cheer! Thank you so much for bringing your grace and energy to the event!

What would we do without YOUR wisdom and great cheer and grace and energy, My Cyn?????

I love how much you loved the whole experience. Thanks for sharing!

It was really somethin', that's for sure...


Its been a couple weeks since AAWW and I'm starting to miss all of you. I thought I'd check out the blogs. Hey there Liz!


Oh I love this! Thank you for this post. Even though I am in the feverish stage of finishing a picture book, I am already looking at aiming low by the end of summer. Enjoy your down time and I am sure you will be inspired by summer days!


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