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Poetry Friday -- Vacation
head shot
Really, I'd love for you to take a look at my post from yesterday -- 
a pictorial view of our school's literacy parade. 

Poetry in pictures, to my mind. 

I mean, c'mon people. 
Floats based on books???

As for today, we are ready for vacation at our house.
This is the first year our school year has stretched into June and it's killin' us.

Here's what my small one has to say about it, and don't tell me she's alone in this:



I sit there in

a dark blue chair

listening to directions

But in my little

 tiny head

I wish I was

 on vacation


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That is an excellent poem, and I think my older daughter would highly agree. Today she told me that the end of the school year is much harder than the middle because there were just too many things going on.

She is ready for a break even though she LOVES school.


Everybody needs a break...

Please let small one know that at least one teacher is going to be sitting in her black rolling chair at her desk AT SCHOOL for hours and hours this weekend, working on end-of-year STUFF and report cards, and she ALSO will be wishing she was on vacation!

Oh, boy do I hear you, M.L.
And the kids can't even quite imagine that, I'll bet.
Keep the dream alive...
soon soon soon...

TadMack says:

Moving away from Construction Junction this weekend. Tell your girl that vacation is COMING...! I wish for it, too...

Yes, yes, yes!!!!

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