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Girlfriend. This is just perfect. Thank you for reminding us of how we accepted this challenge, and how thrilling and terrifying and beautiful the process was. I am so, so grateful to you for starting this whole thing!

In retrospect, I'm so, so grateful, too. Fear and panic notwithstanding...

My post is finally up.

I can't thank you enough for extending the invitation to join this incredible group. It's been a wonderful experience, and now I'm a bit sad it's over.

Maybe it oughta be annual, Tricia??

Oh, you intrepid reporter, you! Quoting from our first responses, and all. I'm glad I didn't say Holy S*** or something. :) But I knew better than to say no.

This is lovely, seeing them all together, and as I read, I think of each poet, and even individual words have history.

Thanks for being Chief Poetry Instigator.

Oh, honey. I would've edited out any truly inappropriate responses, I assure you :)

Glad you and the others ran with the idea. The results are awesome.


Thank you. I'm glad we did, too...

I'm awestruck, ladies. Just completely mute. Good thing I can type to tell you how much I enjoyed reading these and how I think I'll have to add them to my memories list and print them out and swim in them for a bit. Wonderful, wonderful words. And Liz, m'dear? "My name will be to small to hold me soon"? *gasps at the beauty* That makes me want to cry with joy. Breathtaking.

Really, Kristy? Thank you. That means a lot. And I love that someone besides us may actually print this whole puppy out and swim in it. I love that...

TadMack says:

It's still just so UNBELIEVABLE...

I know, right????

(Deleted comment)
I know! I don't know if we're just lucky or what, but it really does stand up okay, doesn't it?


-annette simon

Thank you, madame :)

I love your sonnet, but it's buried here and not getting the attention it deserves. We've all been able to highlight our work. I hope you share your separately so everyone can see how lovely it is.

My favorite part is this.

But quantitative claims define one bit
of me. Much deeper, stretching ‘gainst my skin
with all the effort of the waxing moon,
the greater self to whom I must commit.

That waxing moon is such a great metaphor for stretching and growing. I'll say it again. This has been an amazing adventure, and I'm glad you invited me to tag along!

I agree. And I'll add: "My name will be too small to hold me soon" slays me, every time. Every time.

Oh, man, Lisa. Look at all those little clapping hands! Thank you!!!

Wow. I bow down to all of you--this is beautiful.

I'm still sort of bow-down mode myself, quite frankly! Thank you, Vivian...

Too beautiful and awesome for words. WOWZA!

The crown has one powerful voice, yet I love the distinct melody of each sonnet on its own. I love how everything intertwines, sings, and resonates. It's very cool picking up on each poet's personality as she takes the stage. "My name will be too small to hold me soon," is so YOU, Liz. It kills me, it's so good.

Congratulations, and thank you for dreaming up this project!

Thanks, Jama. I'm really moved by that chorus of voices, too. I did not know how (if) that would work until it did...
And thank you for gushing. I'm blushing...

wow. amazing. i can see this as an anthem for the theatre/band/AP english kids- copying lines onto the covers of their binders, quoting apt phrases during lunch....

Seven crowns to the seven queens of poetry!

(Came here via A Wrung Sponge...)

Wow. The contrast between the formality and sophisticated language of the verse with the contemporary teen mindset is a treat. What a great, collaborative effort. Every stanza strong, but not nearly as powerful as they are all together! The final stanza really brings everything home, and the defiance, fearlessness, hope, and pride of the last line of all is just perfect.

Re: (Came here via A Wrung Sponge...)

I know -- I LOVE Kelly's wrap-up!

Karen Edmisten said:

I love that the opening of your stanza:

"Because I live and breathe, to be set free
from each presumption of my proven name,"

sets us up for the end, lines I also love:

"It’s time for me to feed what’s been starved thin –
my name will be too small to hold me soon."

Beautiful stanza, amazing group effort! Congrats and I hope you keep up the crazy notions. :-)

Re: Karen Edmisten said:

Thank you, Karen...

A Crown of Sonnets

Elaine M.


I thought it best to start here at your blog and read the crown of sonnets through from start to finish. It's amazing! What a great accomplishment for all of you.

Re: A Crown of Sonnets

Thank you, Elaine...

From a. fortis

These are fabulous! We're not worthy! We're not worthy! :) Thanks to all of you for sharing this wonderful project.

Thank YOU!

Amazing. You are all my kind of folk, who take risks, spend your free time (for months) making something you've never tried before, and forge bonds with like-minded *strangers.* Thank you for sharing both the process and the product with all of us. Huzzah!

Mary Lee

Thanks, Mary Lee. You're my kinda folk, too :)

Community is a creative organism of unity through diversity!

Each voice singing their part of a great song . . .

Thank you for affirming and confirming my belief with this amazing piece!

Yea!! Thanks for this inspiring comment!

Great idea. I thought you were gonna end with getting it published. Go for it!


Devas T.

Oh, man. Way to throw down the gauntlet, Don...

Please excuse the fact I'm so late in finding this, or that in fact you've never seen me at all. In fact I was just double-checking the conventions of a sonnet corona via Google, and this link came up, and I think your work is absolutely brilliant! I'm just envious that I have no one here that wouldn't hit me if I so much uttered the word "poetry".

Really, not only is it technically great, it's really inspirational and very very well done! I'm sorry again, and I DO hope you don't mind me commenting here. Thank you for such a great piece of writing!

Really -- it's always great to hear that someone has stumbled their way here! Thanks, perplexity!


wow. this is outstanding. as a teenager i feel like this is directly talking to me!

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