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Announcing a Week of Co-Blogging: The Exercise of Writing
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Last October, Sara Lewis Holmes posted about push-ups.

Which, it must be said, are not exactly my favorite activity.

(Sara loves them. Beats the heck outta me.)


But what I do understand is her love of a little exercise.

I feel the love. I even reckon with a bit of obsession at times.

Addiction, if you will.


Running my miles and practicing yoga keep me sane.



Without them, my children and husband would cower and cringe, my house would be condemned, friends and neighbors would avert their eyes, and my writing would… well…suck.


It’s true.


So when Sara wrote about the beauty of push-ups – and about how hard, intense, physical work might relate to writing, I got it. In spite of myself. And after batting back and forth a few emails, Sara and I decided we’d dedicate a week of co-blogging to the physicality of writing.


Why did it take three months to make it happen?

Um… we were in… training?


But now we’re all limbered up and ready to go.

This coming week, Monday through Friday, we've dedicated to The Exercise of Writing.
(Pun intended...)

Let the games begin!


Monday: Hit the starting blocks at Liz in Ink


Tuesday: Out of the gate at Read Write Believe


Wednesday: Half-time entertainment

         Sara Strong-Arms It – at Liz in Ink

         Liz Lifts and Lunges – at Read Write Believe


Thursday:  The Olympics – A round-up of sports posts and analogies (at both blogs)


Friday: The Fifth Quarter Poetry Friday (at both blogs)



Now go get your stadium blanket and water bottle and settle in. 
This is gonna be fun….



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(Deleted comment)
We'll be glad to have you along for the ride!

We hope so but we can't be sure. Check back on that one :)

Can't Wait!

As a regular reader of Sara's, I am so glad to find your blog (fun to read - AND worthy)! I can't wait for this weeks events to begin. Yay!!

oh yeah...

I meant to say I am Amy... not anonymous. My blog is

Welcome, Amy! So glad to meet you...

(Deleted comment)
We're glad you'll be along for the ride, Laura!

Sounds like fun! (Anyway, I like exercise!)

That's saying something right there!

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