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April 27-30 and Haiku 27-30
On Friday, I left home at 5:00 a.m., drove to Houston,
did a full day's school visit and drove home again. 
It was not the most haiku-ish day, if you know what I mean. 
Which is why my piece for that day is about ... coffee.

Haiku 27

First sip burns bitter
and still I take another.
Black sky grows milky.

And then it was the weekend.
I just love weekends.
And spring break.
And summer break.
I would rather have my kids knocking around here a bit than rushing off every morning like the world's a'fire.

Haiku 28

A bare foot dangles,
feather duvets swell, settle.
Who says it's morning?

Haiku 29

girl with basketball
dad with good time on his hands
unbeatable team

And today?
Today is Monday, in case you hadn't heard....

Haiku 30

like swimming cross-wise
each stroke long, effortful
until I give in

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