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April 18-24 and Haikus 18-24

Oh, blow me down. 
We have had a true braided-string of crazy at our house this past week.
Some biggish hurdles, some little Murphy's Law-type stuff.
But all put together in one big pile, sheesh, it was enough to make me a little dizzy.

So, one casualty has been my blogged haikus. 
Partly because we were down a computer (that was one of the Murphy's Law-type issues) and partly because I just could not make the time to make it happen.

BUT. The good news???
I still wrote a haiku each and every day in the notebook next to my bed and I'm going to post them all now.
And I have high, high hopes that this next week will go as planned, one haiku at a time.

Haiku 18

Conjugating verbs
Thinning out the garden plot
What goes next to what?

Haiku 19

Running in the dark
Each step is an act of faith
The trail trips me up

Haiku 20

12-day old baby
downy head against my neck
fixes everything

Haiku 21

Is this a cliche:
"a tulip like a girl's skirt"
even if it's true?

Haiku 22

Most things are better
in a boat, on the water
Spider thinks so, too

Haiku 23

Cat in the garden
The wind shakes the old oak clean
Cat in the catkins

Haiku 24

Wind chimes, crisp blue sky -- 
Is there a wrong side of bed?
The squirrel still complains.

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