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April 1 - Haiku 1

Today it is April -- my favorite month of the year.
Because of birthdays -- my own and my sweetheart's.
And because of the weather.
And because National Poetry Month offers up an excuse to write and read poetry round the clock.

Welcome to another year of daily haikus.
Join me -- either as a reader or, write your own!
It will make you happy, I promise...

When you've been in a long, deep drought, the earth responds with the most incredible giddy vigor when it finally rains. 
We've had nice easy soaks a number of times this winter and now it is a riotous, colorful spring. 
Flowers push through every fence and line the highways; folks wear them tucked into baseball caps and lapels.

But, also flourishing?
And backyard bamboo.
And pollen.


weeds sprout overnight
green grass yellows with pollen
I am my yard's fool

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Day 1

I'm going to try to do this.....have mercy....I am just starting....

sweet spring ride in morn
terse transition breaks, later
smiles and laughter swarm

Gods of Olympus, I hope I got that right. Can you use a comma?

LOVE "terse transition"!!
I think you can do whatever you want to do, honestly.
Usually each line is its own complete thought, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do :)
Thanks for jumping in!


Yes, I figured that the comma was a little questionable.....I'll be a Haiku Ninja by the time I finish April...thanks for the inspiration.

thankful for my friends
sixty on the metronome
timing of my heart

I sense a theme to your poems, Patches :)

I have great memories of writing haiku in high school!
I'll jump in with a very basic starter too - why not?

I hear my son laugh
Downstairs with the nanny
Working sometimes stinks



Loved this line, "I am my yard's fool." ---- Aren't we all.

Weeding was my April Fool's trick this year!

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