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Beautiful post, Liz....

Thank you, Tammi. And hurrah on your Monsterly release!

Thank you for sharing this.
I loved that you were able to spend a weekend away with your sister before the big announcement, and that the joys of the past year (NYT Bestseller List! On top of the Caldecott Honor! Wow) have helped to bolster you during the tougher times. Sending best wishes for your family. Jeni

Jeni... Thank you! And yes, it is so good to have joys and sisters to balance our lives with...

So glad you don't want to hide under any beds. We get way too much from seeing what you see. Me, and I think All the World, are thankful for your wide open eyes.

Here's to a fall of keeping getting better.

Yes, here's to that. Thanks, Jeannine...

What a beautiful post -- what a year! Life has required that you embrace all that the world is bringing your way, good and bad. Thanks for sharing your amazing journey with us. Sending lots of healing thoughts, and all the best for you and your family. ♥

Thank you.

I knew none of this ... except that ALL THE WORLD won the Caldecott and that I loved it. Thank you for this wise and tender post. But most of all thank you for this window, this perspective, this sense of place in our writer lives.

My ALL THE WORLD copy currently has Marla's autograph but not yours. I so look forward to the day your signature joins hers - because that will be the beautiful day that we finally meet in person.

With warmest wishes,

Thanks, Jean - I can't wait to sign it in person!

tanita says...

Not quite coming full circle, but at least nearly back where you belong after a tough year. xo

Full circle or wacky spiral or something...


It's no wonder your books inspire and win awards. Thanks for this glimpse into your life, your world and your courage. Lovely recap!

Hugs, Carmen

Re: With tears in my eyes

Oh, thanks, Carmen. Thank YOU for reading...

Such a touching post, Liz. Thanks for sharing it. ALL THE WORLD continues to give so much joy to me and my three-year-old.
Laura Resau

Hi Laura!!! Thanks... xxoxox

Wow! That is seriously intense! I am SO happy to hear that your husband is healing. You all have been in my thoughts often. I just didn't want to be pestering you with are-you-okay-s? all the time.

I would probably feel just how you did if any of my books ever did what yours did--want to hide under my bed, faint, etc. :) I'm sure you handled it with much grace. All the praise was well deserved.

Congrats again for the award and I'm so happy that things are getting better on the health front! Hugs!

P.S. this is me, your agent sis Sarah DeFord Williams.

Hi Sarah - I've missed you! Thank you for coming by and for your sweet thoughts...
Hope you're well!

Glad I Am Behind on Reading Poetry Friday Posts

Hi, Liz. I am a children's writer who is new to blogging, and I found out about your site through Poetry Friday. I realize it is Monday, but I am still trying to find the time to check out some of the posts from last week! I'm glad I'm a little late, though, because I came across your post about All the World. I first read the book while looking for a birthday present for a five-year-old a while back (and eventually bought it for that occasion). Then at ALA I bought another copy for a good friend and another for myself and my kids, and you signed them both. So thanks for that! I'm sorry for all the difficulties you have had in between all the excitement of the past year, but I'm glad I got to read about it. Learning more about your life and the life of the book makes me cherish my copy even more... Kerry Aradhya

Re: Glad I Am Behind on Reading Poetry Friday Posts

Hi Kerry -- Nice to meet you and thanks for coming by...
And thank you, mostly, for your very kind thoughts...

Your life and your writing is all about exposing the ups and downs for what they are: ups and downs, and still being amazed by it all. And, I know I am not the only one amazed by not only how you write but who you are.

Right back atcha, Bethany...

(Deleted comment)
I know YOU know about tough years, Laura. May this new season be good for all of us...

I too had a year filled with wondrous highs and terrible, terrible lows. Thank you for sharing your story so beautifully. And praise God that Kirk is doing well.

It is quite a ride, isn't it, Anne Marie.
Thanks for your thoughts, and please know I'm thinking of you, too....

"But really, all of our lives are bigger than one dreamy weekend." Ain't that the hard, cold truth?

I wish you light and love and peace on your continuing journey, my friend.

Light, love and peace to you, too, Kelly. To you, too....

Liz - Wow! I met you right smack dab in the middle of this roller coaster (at Cyn's house) and I thought you were the calmest, centered person in the room. Who knew all this was going on? You're amazing, and an inspiration. I'm so glad your husband is recovering - that's so scary. Peace to you.

Bookmarking and saving forever.
Hoping for full recovery for your husband and many more magical horizons for you and your gift for words.


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