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Sooooo happy for you both.


Thank you, Jo, and congrats on your good news, too!!!

Almost as good as all those meals you had in New York!!

I'm so happy for you, Liz, and that this precious book will land in the hands of even more lucky children.

Oh Liz, I'm so very happy for you. Congratulations!!!!!
Hooray for you and hooray for the many thousands of kids who will now get to know ALL THE WORLD!!!

Thank you, thank you, Linda. You who've pretty much seen this from the starting line. Aren't you THRILLED for Marla -- two years in a row!??!

Oh, thanks, Jeannine. It's pretty swell, to be sure...


This is one beloved book in our house, and I am so thrilled for you both!

Oh, thanks, Erin. That means a lot...

Oh, what a cute icon. Thanks!!!

Hooray for ALL THE WORLD, and for Marla Frazee, and for YOU!

Thank you kindly for all those hoorays!

caldecott honor

I am not surprised. Brilliant writing and art in a fabulous book.

Gosh, thanks!!

I have had a warm happy feeling for you for the last two days. And for Marla, of course. And tell her that I said she's going to have a hard time topping the wonderfulness of her shoes from the LAST Newbery/Caldecott Banquet. I'm going to want pictures to see what she comes up with. :)

She's probably already shoe shopping, Kristy. Seriously.

Congratulations! I'm so happy for you!

Still dancing with joy for your lovely, lovely book. Or would be, were I, y'know, up and around right now.

You have been such an awesome support of our book, Kelly. Thank you thank you ...

Oh, thanks, Melissa. I always feel more lucky than deserving, but I don't mind that!

Sums it up wonderfully. Congratulations again.

Congratulations! It's a great book!

(Deleted comment)
Laura... thank you, my friend...

Congratulations, Liz!

FatherGoose.com (http://www.charlesghigna.com)

I'll add my congrats to the list! I'm proud to "know" you!

Oh, Liz! Congratulations! I'm thrilled for you.

Congrat's on a much deserved honor!

Hi, Liz!

What a gorgeous book you have in ALL THE WORLD--the words and the stunning art! I have it face out on my shelf because I love the cover so much! I knew the moment Erin showed us the F&Gs in Portland that it would make a huge splash! Enjoy the ride!


Tanita Says :)

<3 <3
Still just SO HAPPY for you.

A HUGE, HUGE belated congratulations to you! I haven't seen the book yet but I am so looking forward to reading your book and looking at Marla's illustrations. A librarian I know described your book as a "perfect marriage between author and illustrator." :)

WOOOHOOO! Congrats---sorry I am just getting to this. So happy!

A week ago at this time, I was poring over your book and all the other Caldecott contenders. I am so happy for you and hope to congratulate you and Marla in person in DC in June.


Beautiful book, beautiful inspiration for aspiring book writers & illustrators. Thank you.

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