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What a poem, making me think a lot! You're right about the exquisiteness of the detail. I like the primal tone, the group preparation and feast.

Though we still have a long way to go, I think how much more conscious and knowledgeable we are about food sources and nutrition than our parents' generation was. And especially good is Michelle Obama's farming initiatives. Love how she's getting kids involved in producing vegetable gardens, etc.

Yes, Jama. There has been tremendous progress. I was thinking of you as I wrote this post. Anyone who speaks about food with your kind of reverance is doing us all a service in this regard...

I agree that it's important to make the best choices we each can about the foods we choose to eat. And a reverence for each interrupted life, whether plant or animal, that we add to our lives is also vitally important.

Yes, and maybe not as hard as we've made it out to be. I think we may need to just rewind a bit...

Tanita Says :)

Whoo. Detail. I had to stop reading when we got to his "tiny ribs, delicate as bird's feet." Yeesh.

Our Latin American neighbors knew their food sources as well. Often, silken rabbits with round brown eyes would escape under the fence to our property. We got to feed them and pet them before we returned them to where they inevitably ended up on the the bbq spit. Somehow, we were more curious about them raising goats and rabbits and the odd Spring lamb and then slaughtering them; it was just how they ate. We picked the slugs off the tomato plants and did otherwise. I think we each thought the other a little odd, but the best thing was that we shared what we could. They made us tamales with raisins, and we were happy.

Deliberate eating + Mindful Sharing = Happiness.

I know, Tanita. I told you. It gets a little crazy.

I LOVE your story of multicultural eating and yes yes yes to:

Deliberate eating + Mindful sharing = Happiness

My vegetarianism began with a Wendy's hamburger! There were times in my life when I returned to meat because my body craved more protein, but meat is always easy to give up (sugar, not so much).

I sometimes go mainline a can of tuna if I'm really freaking for protein, but I've figured out ways to feel more balanced all the time. Sugar? Yeah. I'm with you. Sigh...

I'm with Tanita: "Deliberate eating + Mindful Sharing = Happiness."

Yes! I know. I LOVE that equation...

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