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Wow! Thanks so much, Tam and Liz! I'm adding this interview to my LJ memories so I can go back and refer to it whenever I need inspiration.

Oh, good, Jama. I'm so glad...

Thank you, too, for stopping by...

These characteristics work well for beginning picture book writers, too. Sometimes they flounder around in picture-book land. I'm going to adapt Tam's Smith's work for my picture book students. Thanks for the interview!

These interviews are wonderful! So inspiring. My mother read aloud to me from a very young age, and I still associate those memories with feelings of love and warmth and togetherness. Reading to my own three is one of my favorite parts of the day. Thanks for reminding me, as a writer, how important my audience is. :-)

A favorite part of my day, too. To be sure...

I love it!
thank you for the words of wisdom!!!!!


What a great interview with Tam--isn't she wise? And I wanted to add how much I agree with her take on your beautiful new book, which Erin read ALOUD to us in Portland. You don't have to be small to sink into a wonderful book read aloud! Zu

Oh, thanks, Zu. That's sweet of you to say...

And yes -- Tam's wise as an owl!!!

I'm veeeeerrrrrrry late in getting to this, trying to catch up at your blog, but THANK YOU for having her over. "The experiences of having those books read aloud are a flock of winged things. They are the sense of self a child develops, and her sense of the world. They are a child’s sense of his place in that world. They are a child’s senses of humanity and tolerance and choice." That gave me chills.


Love. LOVE. Love!!! Thanks, you two!

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