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Writing in Service
Hello friends...

I'm wondering if you writerly and artsy folks will have a conversation with me?

I've been thinking about the solitary nature of this work, and how hard it is to remember (or even know, sometimes) that what I'm doing serves anyone (besides me).

I mean, in my heart I care about children's literacy, I care about children's perspectives, I care about children's families. And, in a big picture sort of way, I carry those concerns into my studio space when I go to work. But the microcosm that is my daily grind can feel sort of ... myopic, wrapped up in minutae and egocentric. I mean, honestly. Who but me is going to care about the one word I swapped for another in the fourth couplet of a manuscript that's done and gone to the illustrator and still I can't stop with the tweaking?

One solution, obviously, is to have some of my service life feel more concrete -- whether it's at the school or the foodbank or somewhere else. But I also feel the need to understand more fully why I do what I do, and what it is I'm offering up. And to whom. Because really, I'm not big or important enough for it to be all about me.

So here's where you guys come in.

I'm curious about how you stay connected to what is truly purposeful about what you do?

Do you dedicate your work to someone? 

Do you wait for letters from the kids who read your books? 

Do you just figure it'll all shake out on judgement day or at library storytime, whichever comes first?

If you're up for sharing, I'd love to know...

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I would like to second what Linda says. :-)

Jo -- I OFTEN would like to second what Linda says :)

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