All the World


OOOOOOHHHH! I really want a copy of this book--especially one signed by you. I viewed a couple of the book's illustrations and read snippets of the text at ALL THE WORLD is definitely MY kind of picture book.

I hope this book will be a best seller and get lots of rave reviews.

All the World, Part 2


I forgot to leave my name along with my comment.

Elaine Magliaro

Re: All the World, Part 2

Yea, Elaine! Your name is in the pot!
And thank you so much for your enthusiastic support!

Liz, I'm soooo excited for you and this book. It just sounds amazing.

Congratulations as you get closer to your release date - yay!!!

Thank you, Lisa! I'm excited, too!
(And you're entered!!!)

Ooooh, enter me! Your book looks great!


Horray, Della -- you're IN!

Oh my, this is getting more and more exciting! Okay if I toast you with champagne every day this week? :D

Jama... I went out to the CA. wine country with three friends when we all turned forty. And our hostess at one of the vineyards told us, "You should CERTAINLY drink champagne every day." So. There you have it. And tonight you can toast to the fact that you're entered!

Yes Pulllleeeeaaazzze!

Hi Liz! I would love to be entered in your drawing to win a signed copy of All The World!! How dreamy and delightful! When (ahem) you draw my name, please make a personal note to moi. On this, I'm gonna be selfish :) All the best! And Cheers, Michele (Tupper) Worthey

Re: Yes Pulllleeeeaaazzze!

Michele -- your name is in the pot, my friend. With a little shake of luck!

I am shaking for you!

So I can't even imagine how you feel about all this. Beyond words exciting!!! Way to go Liz. Way. To. GO!!!

xo Bern

Re: I am shaking for you!

I am shaking a little bit, too, Bern. For real.
Thank you for loving me through all this.
And for that -- your name is in the pot!!!!

Oh my oh my oh my!

How terribly exciting! I am absolutely thrilled for you. Is there a way for any of us to get your books into our local libraries? I sure would love my neighbors to check them out.


Re: Oh my oh my oh my!

Hey, Heddy!!! Your name is in the drawing!

As for the libraries, yes, of course!
You could:

Share with them the link to the S&S site for librarians:

Or ask them if you could gift a copy to their collection (in which case you'd probably want to ask if they prefer library binding or regular hardback).

You are so faithful, Heddy. THANK YOU....

Okay, I like contests! Yay! Now I'm entered.

I can't wait to read your book, Liz. I've heard such good things!

Wahoo, Jennifer -- good luck!
And thank you....

I'm proud to be a cousin of a famous author!

Great job Liz on yet another wonderful book! I'll be getting copies for friends, family, neighbors, school library, and one for myself when I win the drawing!
Love, Sam

Re: I'm proud to be a cousin of a famous author!

That's the ol' family confidence there, Sammy.
Good luck!!!

Hi Liz,

I'm so excited for you and I can't wait to read the new book! It's breathtaking and so much blue on the cover! I love it!

Please enter me in the drawing to have an autographed copy. Of course, I'll be purchasing a few extras to send to my nieces and nephews.

I guess I should have signed my name before my tapping fingers hit the post button.

Carmen Oliver

Me, pick me!

I am being taunted by various fb posts by Carrie, Bernadette and Kathie whose opinions I completely trust. They say this is "THE" book to have! Congratulations on your upcoming release.

Christina Chan

Christina -- Thanks for your entry!! You're in -- good luck and I'm so glad you stopped by!

I am SO excited for you, DeDe. I already have my first copy ordered from Amazon but will be getting more for sure. They make the most perfect gifts, and I can brag about my Auntie!


Who knows -- you may be getting another one by winning the drawing, Marty!!! xxxx

Add my name to the pot dear one! I can't wait for my batch to arrive. XXOO

Your name is in the pot with sugar on top!!!

How exciting Liz...congratulations!!
Please enter me in the drawing.

Thanks, Kay!!! Your name is in the pot!

I am so happy for you and I love how your editor is helping make it all special for you. (I owe you an email about coming your way.)

I know. Isn't it funny how some pretty ribbon can make a gal feel????? I've popped your name in the drawing, Susan! (And can't wait to meet in person in October!)

Tanita Says :)

Such a beautiful book! Can't wait to read this one!
And your approach to marketing is terribly, horribly, honestly close to mine. Blushes and sweaty hands all 'round...

I know, right? So hard and awkward. It feels uncomfortably like adolescence, which I also wasn't that keen on the first time around...

Your name is in the pot and in the meantime, I have a copy of Mare's War arriving at the bookstore this week!!!!

You needn't enter me in the contest -- I'll be buying a few copies of my own and hope to meet you some day so you can sign them in person. Just wanted to say congrats again. I'm so happy to have this book in the world.

Thank you, Linda. You've been so supportive all the way along. I can't WAIT to meet in person some day....

All the World

Elaine Magliaro


I got my August 2009 issue of SLJ yesterday. I was happy to see that ALL THE WORLD got a starred review in it. That makes two starred reviews so far!

Quoting from the review: "Charming illustrations and lyrical rhyming couplets speak volumes in celebration of the world and humankind, combining to create a lovely book that will be appreciated by a wide audience."

Elaine... Thank you so much for this note. I have definately been pinching myself frequently!!!

Congratulations on your new book!

Congratulations on your new book and its starred review in SLJ! It sounds like one that I definitely want to own. Please put my name in the pot as well.

Terrell Young

Re: Congratulations on your new book!

Terrell -- your name is in the pot -- absolutely! Thanks so much for stopping by!

sign me up too! I'm always eager to encourage an excellent writer like yourself. All The World sound like an enlightening book. The cover design is such a stand out! Because it's free of clutter and conveys emotion with a minimum of images, the cover draws your eye. I look forward to reading the book. Happy sailing friend


I don't know why I'm being called Anonymous, I'm Louise Shelby, fellow writer, illustrator, and substitute teacher. I aint no stinkin anonymous!

Huffing and Puffing before it's Too Late

Room for one more, Liz? {}

I had read about ALL THE WORLD and its lovely reviews, not realizing at first the author was a name I've seen on Live Journal.

I love these connections we make--via words--all over the world.

Congratulations to you and to the fabulous Marla Frazee and please know how much I look forward to reading the book-- and getting to know you as well.

-Pamela Ross

Re: Huffing and Puffing before it's Too Late

Yes, Pamela, there is most certainly room for you! I've put your name in the drawing and I'M looking forward to getting to know YOU as well! Thanks for stopping by...

I've been seeing this cover in a few places on the blog world and I can't wait to read the book! Congrats! You must be thrilled to have had Marla Frazee illustrate it - her illustrations are so amazing. The promotional package is so sweet too.
Kristi Valiant

Yep, Kristi -- I am THRILLED about Marla's illustrations.
Flat-out thrilled! I've popped your name in the pot -- thanks for stopping by!

Your book looks beautiful! Congrats on the release!!!

Thank you, deenaml! So happy you stopped by, and your name is in the pot!

Beautiful! I'd love this for my little girl!

janemaritz at yahoo dot com

Thanks, Jane! I'm so glad you stopped by -- and you're entered in the drawing!


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