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National Poetry Month -- Haiku 15

I wrote haiku yesterday but never got around to posting any of them.
It was that kind of day.

So, this post is actually Wednesday's -- if you're okay with that.
Thursday's will follow a bit later.
(Think of it as my own personal brand of time travel...)

This week, I've been writing some human-nature inspired haiku (often called senryu) as opposed to the more naturey-nature ones...

Monday I had a school visit, which always brings me face-to-face with a slew of vivid and uninhibited little selves. 
And then, of course, I have a couple of those vivid selves in-house. 

My Small One has been in speech therapy for a couple of months now -- her r's are w's and she's also got a bit of a lisp. It's particularly cute, if you ask me, because she's wildly smart and funny and articulate, so to hear her wide-ranging vocabulary in her not-yet-full-grown voice just about slays me.

But lately what's getting to me is how hard she's willing to try to kick these habits. Turns out it is not at all easy. She's been talking like this for seven years and now she's got to start anew and darn if she isn't just soldiering on. Which is how we get to the next level, isn't it? Plugging away on each little, tiny step.

Or r, as the case may be.

Haiku 15

my daughter's round r's
stretch out as she lifts her tongue;
brave imperfection

-- Liz Garton Scanlon

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What a girl! Though I'm not a bit surprised.

I love that last line.

Tanita Says :)

Ah, brave imperfection, indeed. It's a hard slog - my brother is seventeen, and he still sometimes lisps a little when he's tired or not paying attention -- but these little guys work really hard to be who they want to be, and it's a joy to watch.

I love this! You have perfectly captured the sweetness and courage of your daughter.

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