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National Poetry Month -- Haiku 13

Many, many birds migrate through central Texas this time of year.
It's rather a riot of noise and color.

I can only identify a few birds by sight, so I appreciate them with a sort of happy ignorance.
I don't know them by name, but am awfully glad to see them again...

Within the past 14 months, we've pretty much destroyed our own personal landscape (save for the oaks and pecans) -- between submitting to a brutal drought and undergoing an endless remodel that allowed wheelbarrows, plywood and sawhorses to lay waste to what was previously grass.

What amazed and delighted me today was the realization that the birds don't care.
We remain on their flight path and they seem glad for it...

Haiku 13

yard done in by drought
truly inhospitable
the birds still break ground

-- Liz Garton Scanlon

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Yes, the birds will still come. I was amazed when we did the driveway and courtyard last year and removed all the plants and both lawns, and still they came.

Love "truly hospitable!"

They aren't nearly so picky as we are, huh?

Love watching the birds pass through here, too. Such a miracle that they return to the same trees to nest, too!

I love that your poem follows the 5-7-5 formula, but the middle line is shorter anyhow.

I know! That really intrigued me, too...

Ah the birds

You know I love them! And wow do I love the riot of noise and color too! And your haiku about them.


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